Ailish was born in the kingdom of Illumina and raised in the royal court of Queen Lusica the First. At a young age, Lusica had married Baron Felson at her mother's behest, but their relationship was short and turbulent. Felson, it was said, was cruel and vindictive toward his new bride. However, their marriage ended abruptly when Felson died under tragic and mysterious circumstances shortly after the conception of Ailish. After his death, Queen Lusica went into a protracted period of mourning, during which she and the newborn princess were rarely seen in public. Secrecy surrounded the young heiress and it was nearly three years before she was seen regularly, and by then it was obvious to all that Ailish was an extremely gifted individual -- her great magical potential was obvious to all even as a child. Lusica saw to it that Ailish dedicated herself to magical studies -- she was allowed free time only very rarely and Ailish was forced to lead an extremely sheltered life in the magnificent grounds of Illumina castle. Ailish was never allowed into contact with ordinary citizens save those employed at the castle as servants or soldiers. As Ailish reached her teens, however, she began to rebel more and more from the dictates of the Queen -- much to Lusica's displeasure. Ailish has an inquisitive nature and an irrepressible personality that can shine bright enough to light up any room. But, Ailish is not without fault -- she is spoiled and naive, and her lack of experience in the real world is evident to see once she is out of the security of the royal court. Of course, Ailish's positive features far outweigh the bad -- she is beautiful, vivacious, and has a kind heart that is at odds with her royal upbringing. Her most remarkable assets, however, is her tremendous magical ability. Ailish has an exceptional natural capacity for magic, one that far surpasses most mages. This natural aptitude, along with her strict training regime, has made Ailish extremely powerful indeed. But these abilities have yet to be tested -- there is little threat to Ailish in the castle. But once Ailish ventures into the outlands of Hikaria, she soons finds that the knowledge gained in the shelter of a castle cannot prepare one for the wilderness of the greater world! Ailish often complains that she does not fit into the stifled surroundings of the royal court, and yearns to be free to explore her kingdom and her own personality. Perhaps then -- in the real world -- she can truly find herself.
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