Ayane is a character from the Dead or Alive video game franchise. She has been a member of the series from the beginning, starting as an extra character in Dead or Alive 1. Ayane is a very powerful character and knows many seemingly superhuman moves, but her spinning moves cost a lot of strength and energy. Her primary advantages are speed and agility, which allow her to easily dodge attacks and exploit enemies' weak spots, making up for her relative lack of reach and brute strength. Ayane is a ninja assassin. She is a half-sister of Kasumi and Hayate(EIN) and holds a grudge against Kasumi. On the contrary, she loves and admires her elder brother very much, and is jealous of Kasumi, who was raised with him, although she doesn't admit this of course. Her personality is very "cool" and aloof, and she is eager to fight Kasumi in order to avoid living in her shadow (she also strongly disagrees with Kasumi's decision to leave the Mugen Tenshin clan in search of Hayate). Her story and that of Kasumi are somewhat shrouded in mystery. This is exactly what "Itagaki" wanted. It is rumored that Ayane's age is not included among her stats because she is under 18. This avoids trouble in (the west) concerning lolita-type girls in his videogames. There is no such problem in Japan, because there is a lower age of consent, and it is believed that younger gamers can more easily identify with young characters like Ayane and Kasumi. She may have a cool and spicy attitude, but Ayane is a genuinely Good person, although she doesn't express her emotions often. She hates Evil and joins Dead or Alive 2 in order to kill the EVIL Tengu, fight Kasumi and find her lost brother Hayate. When she encounters Hayate, however, he is suffering from temporary memory loss and they are forced to fight. She later joins Dead or Alive 3 in order to put her foster parent Genra, who has been made into a puppet of DOATEC, out of his misery. She hates the DOATEC and all it stands for. The reason she wanted to kill Helena but killed Helena's mother by accident is that she wanted to kill all of the family members of Fame Douglas, because of what they did to her beloved "Hayate". After coming to know that Helena doesn't want to have anything to do with her father's company she stops and gives up her lust for revenge. She loves to tag up with Hayate(EIN), in tag team duels. She has some very impressive and acrobatic combo moves with Kasumi as well.
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